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Step 1: Remove Cane from Box

Step 2: Attach the Handle to cane by completely screwing handle into cane shaft tightly.

Step 3: Push the Push Adjustment Buttons and adjust Height to a comfortable level. Use cane only when buttons are fully through the shaft holes, set in place.

Step 4: Ensure that tip is fully seated on the cane shaft before use.

Replacing Traction tip with Deluxe Rocker and Traction tips:
While firmly holding the shaft of the cane, twist the current tip until you are able to pull it off. To apply an alternate tip, twist and push the new tip onto the shaft. Then place the cane on the floor with the tip side down, and apply pressure to fully seat the cane shaft into the new tip. If you are replacing with the rocker tip- align with the handle.

Intended Use and Limitations
This is a walking cane and not intended to support the full weight of the user, of no more than 250 lbs.

Not intend to be used on ice or slippery surfaces.

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*Not intended to permanently fix posture or chronic pain. Please see your doctor if you have recurring posture problems or pain when standing straight.

This is a medical device intended to provide minimal weight support for walking. It is not intended to relieve or resolve persistent pain, posture, or other orthopedics issues.


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